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Third Street Banners are Now Up Along Third Street!

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Last year, the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency awarded the Bayview Merchants’ Association funding to create, print, and install Third Street banners for Bayview-Hunters Point’s Third Street corridor.  And one year later, with the support and guidance of the BVHP Project Area Committee (PAC),  BAYCAT, artists Malik Seneferu and Juan Fuentes, local printing service Yes V Can, the Third Street Corridor Project, Renaissance Bayview,  neighborhood business owners other community stakeholders on the Third Street Marketing Committee, the Third Street banners are FINALLY (partially) up along Third Street!  This is a huge victory for the Bayview Merchants Association and the entire Bayview-Hunters Point community and we would like to thank everyone who was involved in the process for helping make this project a reality.

Photos of the banners can be seen below.  The first photo features BMA member Yvonne Hines, owner of Yvonne’s Southern Sweets, as depicted by artist Juan Fuentes:

In addition to the artwork, the Third Street Marketing Committee was instrumental in deciding the slogan of the Third Street corridor, which they ended up deciding would be, “The Sunny Side of San Francisco.”  The slogan is accompanied by action verbs reflective of the adjacent banner art and the banner’s graphic design was done by local arts and technology non-profit, BAYCAT.  Here is another example of the new banners along Third Street, this art also created by artist Juan Fuentes:

While artist Malik Seneferu’s art is not yet up along Third Street, local printer/installer Yes V Can has assured the BMA it will be up by early next week.  We look forward to seeing all the banners installed on their respective street poles by that time and hope you do too!  If you have any questions regarding the Third Street Banner Project, please feel free to contact the BMA staff at (415) 647-3728 x6407.

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