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4130 Third Street

San Francisco, CA, 94124

Phone: (415) 647-7853



Store Hours:

Sun: closed

Mon: 8am -6pm

Tue: 8am -6pm

Wed: 8am -6pm

Thu: 8am -6pm

Fri: 8am -6pm

Sat: 9am - 5pm

Mr. McAfee
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McAfee’s is a dry-cleaning and laundry business that cleans, repairs and alters any and all of your dirty or damaged clothes. Stop by our centrally located Third Street storefront for fast and professional service and workmanship!

McAfee’s has been serving the Bayview-Hunters Point community since 1974. Owner Al McAfee has lived and operated his business in the neighborhood since he opened his doors over 35 years ago.